July 26, 2021

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The best performing high school principals in Kenya

Top 10 Best Performing Female Principals in Kenya

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In the recent years, most girls’ schools have been seen performing better than their competitive male schools. There may be many reasons as to why this is happening but the main factor remains that the management of the schools is superb. This of course is not possible without the ever working principals of the schools to ensure good performance. Below are some of the best performing female principals in Kenya

The list below has been combined based on their past performances in various schools and discipline. It is in no particular order

Best Performing Female Principals in Kenya

Mrs. Hilda Muriuki

She is the former Bahati Girls High School and the famous Heroes Secondary School. She currently works at Kibron High School but her former students and parents’ enormous love for her is evident. The parents ambushed her current school and took her back and this only says one thing, she was an amazing principal, notwithstanding the good performance from her students.

Jane Waceke

The best performing high school principals in Kenya

The 49 year old principal of Othaya Girls High School is doing well for her school as she introduced digital learning. Further, she came up with the idea of swapping timetables with neighboring schools for the sake of her students learning. The school uses Zoom Technology for learning and nothing more than determination can be seen from this woman.

Mrs. Mary Akunja

Mary is the former principal of Kisumu and Bunyore Girls. She is a person taking up responsibility for her actions and looks for ways to solve them. This cannot be denied as her schools have topped on many occasions.

Susan Owino

She is the head of St. Francis Rang’ala, a school that has been doing not so well for years. Her management has, however, redeemed the school to its state of victory as she provides enough learning equipment for her students.

Virginia Gitonga

Handling the most girls school in the country, a dream school for many, is something to be commended. Despite the pressure, Virginia has maintained the burning fire of Alliance Girls High School since her arrival. What better way to manage the school than the way she does it.

Flora Mulatya

Flora joins the list of the best performing female Principals in Kenya. The Kenya High is a school in the same league as Alliance Girls. Amidst all the competition and changing system, she has managed to keep the school at the top and dearly loves her students.

Best performing High School principals in Kenya

Mrs. Jacinta Lakatsa

She is the principal of Precious Blood High School, an excellent performing school no doubt. Her most recognized virtue is that she creates a firm foundation for her students.

Feliciana Muthoni Rutere

Her hard work in the school cannot be denied. The Kinamgao Girls Secondary School in Kitui has pushed the school to its limits and gained recognition as one the best principals’.

Mrs. Onoki Joyce Ogutu

Joyce is the former principal of St. Charles Lwanga Ichuni and is currently in Nyabururu Girls High School. One thing everyone commends her for is her ability to discipline students and get them all into shape. She might go a little too extreme but all this has yielded good performance.

There are many other principals we have not mentioned and people would like to appreciate, regardless, these strong and empowered women are what have made the excellent performance of girls worthwhile. Feel free to mention the ones we have left out in the comment section below


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