January 30, 2023

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Trending Braids With Beads Hairstyles 2022

You’ve probably seen the beaded braid look all over your feed on any social platform. This trend has seen a surge in early 2022 and we are not complaining. It is giving a twist to the normal braids and there are different ways to wear it! We rounded up a few inspo trends we know you’d love of this look to switch up all year long.

1.Knotless Beaded Braids

The knotless braids trend has not died out and will not anytime soon. Giving your knotless braids a little creative twist might not be such a bad idea. You can add the clear beads or colorful beads to your braids to bring your look to perfection. It might just be the best braid trend 2022 has brought!

2.Fulani Beaded Braids

This style requires you to braid the lines down to the scalp. To give it the end look you can add accessories and in this case beads of your choice. It is traditional but classy!


You might want a unique look of your beaded style. They can originate at the center where they will be parted in a line like look. This sleek look can add some color to it and give you a chic end look.

4.Braided Ponytail

The Ariana Grande look but with braids is achievable if you are not an extension kind of girl. Your lines can be plaited to meet at the center. Add more braids to give it the extra-long look with beads at the tips!

5.Half-Up Bead Braids

Many prefer to do the normal braids then style them into this playful childlike look. You can, however, braid your hair up into this style and rock it for a few weeks. Adding the beads to it makes it even more unique and fashionable.

6.Jumbo Braids with Beads

There aren’t that many ways to wear your jumbo braids. With the bead look, you get a chic African look. Influencers have picked up this trend and all I can say is, it looks gorgeous.

7.Cornrows Bead Braids

The cornrow look on women has always been one of the best and it gives “classy” lady. You can add the extra big beads at the tips of your braids to give it an amazing twist to it.

8.Bob With Beads

If you’re a short braid kind of girl, the bob beaded look will suit you perfectly. I’m all for the inches but the short bob braid with the beads is eating!

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