January 30, 2023

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“We Are Suffering”, Machachari Twins Reveal

The Machachari show was very popular during it’s early stages, a favorite of many people. It unfortunately ended after so many years of it airing on Citizen TV. Just like many cancelled TV shows, those involved get significantly affected. This applies especially to those who depend wholly on it. Most Machachari actors have revealed how their lives changed after that. The twins, Muthure and Muthuri were among those severely affected after the show ended. They were among the viewers most favorite and therefore were expected to advance in their careers.

Immediately after the show was cancelled, they completely disappeared from the public eyes. Their was little to no information about them. For the first time after five years, however, they resurfaced. You Tuber Eve Mungai got to interview them. They revealed that they have been doing pretty much anything they could get to make ends meet.

Muthure and Muthuri added that they have gone as low as playing street games to get something. The societal expectation and pressure after the show became a lot. Most people expected them not to suffer simply because they were once on the show. They are currently living in Mwihoko, Ruiru town. As unfortunate as things are, they hope to have another breakthrough.

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