April 21, 2021

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Weird and Shocking Cultural Practices in Africa

Africa is one blessed continent in terms of sites and its cultural practices. It is one of the continents that has retained most of its traditional cultural practices, some of them weird and dangerous. Although some of those are the harmful, Africa remains one of the most endowed and blessed continents.

Banyakole Tribe in Uganda

This is certainly one of the most disturbing cultures of this tribe found in Uganda. They practice a test called the potency test in which the aunt of the bride should have sexual intercourse with the groom before the marriage to prove he is potent. In addition, the aunt was and is required to test the bride’s virginity.

Chewa Community in Malawi

This community performs one of the worst practices. It is community makes it mandatory for a body to be cleansed before burial. The body is taken to a sacred place and its throat slit. Water is poured into the body and squeezed out till perfectly clean. The water is then used to cook a meal for the whole community.

Wadaabe Tribe in Niger

The tribe found in Niger in the west Africa steals wives during a festival known as the Gerewol. The marriages are arranged from birth and is always between cousins of the same lineage. However, during the festival, the men dress in impressive costumes with makeup and dance well so as to attract the women. If one manages to steal one without the knowledge of the arranged husband, they become community recognized couple.

Fulani Tribe in West Africa

This is a difficult task to a man who wants to marry. He must be beaten by the members of the community who are older. This is called Sharo and the man must earn the respect of the wife and the community so as to be allowed to get one. If he does not endure the beating, then the wedding is called off.

Surma Tribe in Ethiopia and Sudan

The Surma are found in the southern side of Sudan and Ethiopia. It is a brutal practice as a girl is required to stretch their lips by removing their lower teeth to put a lip plate which is increased by size each year. The warriors are also inflicted with scars and as they increase the number of scars, they are considered attractive to the members of the community.

The Maasai Tribe in Kenya and Tanzania

The Maasai are one of the few tribes that have remained intact with their cultures despite the Western influence.  Although some have been eroded, some still remain including spitting as a sign of greeting. This is considered a form of greeting and also when a child is born, he is spit on by the elders and it is believed that it keeps away evil spirits. They also have other harmful practices that are slowly being eroded.



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