December 5, 2021

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What are the implications of negative digital identity?

When posting comments and information on social media sites it can feel very immediate and may be fun, but some of those posts may be public and could be found by other people in future. It can be useful to take a little time before posting anything to think about the implications for the future. This is true when posting about yourself or about someone else. We all have the potential to affect our own and other peoplesf digital identities.
Several things can have a negative impact on our digital identity/ies:
œ Evidence of behaviour that is considered unacceptable within your culture or society.
œ Evidence of illegal behaviour or activity.
œ Evidence of negative comments about your workplace or colleagues.
 Evidence of attitudes or opinions that may be considered unacceptable.
Evidence of behaviour that could be thought of as online bullying or trolling (deliberately sowing discord through comments that are intended to provoke, annoy or bait people).

Not following the etiquette of a site or service.
Some of the choices that you make as you develop your online presence can have long term consequences.
Choosing your email address/es
A good example of this is the email name you select. Email names tend to be with us for a long time so it does pay to think about this before you start signing up with an email service. As you are registering with a service they will ask you to select an email name.
Quite often if you use your own name it will already have been used by someone else. This depends on how common your name is. The service may give you some ideas so if you try to set up an email like Sam it may offer you choices like or

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