January 31, 2023

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Why Alphonso Davies Didn’t Sign for Manchester United

  Alphonso Davies was among the best players for Bayern Munich last season, but in 2018 he could have signed for Manchester United. A two-week trial had been planned but unfortunately, the trial didn’t take place.

At that time his club Vancouver was ready to sell him. But Manchester United delayed the transfer to send him to Carrington for two weeks.

At the same time Davies was called up to Canada’s under 23 team.Jorge Alvial a former Man United Scout still insisted in signing him but Man United wanting him to carry out big tests they lost him.

Davies was 17 at the time and was already huge in the MLS.

Valued at $53 million now, he could have only costed United $2.3 million at the time.

A few months later Davies joined Bayern Munich for $13 million. Alphonso went to Germany when he was 18 in January 2019.

Since then he has impressed the Bavarians forcing Bayern to send Alaba to center half position and Davies to play as a left back.

Trained as a winger the 19 year old moved to the full back position. His exceptional speed has got everyone talking. He is the fastest player in Bayern with some comparing him to Jamaican 100 meters legend Usain Bolt.

He has so far extended his contract with the Bavarians until 2025.

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