December 7, 2023

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Why Manchester United is Nicknamed ‘The Red Devils’

Manchester United is arguably the one of the best teams in Europe. It’s the most decorated club in English Premier League. It’s also the most successful British football club.

Manchester United has lifted a record 20 Premier League titles and is still ahead of Liverpool by one title.

The name Red Devils came from French Media. Old Trafford is situated in Salford which is the home to the Salford City Reds Rugby team. The Rugby team was dangerous and ruthless. The media nicknamed Manchester United Red Devils since they were also dangerous and ruthless just like the rugby team.

In 1960s the club manager Matt Busby decided to adopt the nickname. In 1970 the club officially added the Red Devils nickname to the team.

The most decorated club in Europe is currently struggling since the departure of Sir Alex Fergusson. Will the club be able to restore its lost glory in the future? A lot has to change for that to happen.

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