February 22, 2024

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William Ruto Multimillion Palatial Mansions

The deputy president William Ruto is undoubtedly one of richest and popular politicians who has a lot of wealth. He owns a couple of mansions in the most prestigious areas in Kenya. Ruto has so many acres of land and owns a whole lot of other properties outside that.

Wlliam Ruto apparently lives in Runda, as many other politicians who live in fancy gated communities. He, however owns other houses outside the Runda mansion. Some of them are in his hometown Eldoret and various parts of the nation which are equally expensive.

William Ruto is definitely as a very ambitious and hardworking politician as he did not come from such riches growing up. Born in Kamagut village in Uasin Gishu County, he had to struggle and take up odd jobs to help his family and rise to power.

He is a very staunch Christian and has remained so overtime after becoming the CU leader in Campus. The Deputy president has showed that a lot of times in his rallies. He made his debut into politics and has never looked back. William married Rachael Ruto and the two have been together ever since. She is greatly adored by many people for her humbleness.

Although rumors surfaced online over his wife allegedly being physically assaulted by him, it was later proved as a lie. This was due to lack of evidence on the matter.

William Ruto is definitely one of the richest men in Kenya and has already announced his presidential bid for 2022.His fanbase and support has kept increasing as weeks go by. He owns tons of things and he definitely fits as one of the most important in Kenya if not number one.


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