June 11, 2023

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Winnie Odinga Biography, Education, Family, Marriage, Controversy and More

Winnie Odinga is the daughter of popular politician and ODM party leader Raila Odinga. Just like her father, Winnie seems to taking the politics path and has recently shown a lot of interest in the field.


Winnie was born on March 6th 1990 in Nyanza Region.

Family and Background

She is the youngest child of the Odinga family with a huge age gap between her siblings. Her elder siblings include; The late Fidel Odinga, Rosemary Odinga and Raila Junior. Winnie’s parents are wealthy prominent political leaders, Raila and Mama Ida Odinga.

Growing up, she did not connect with her siblings because of the age gap. Later on, however, she got very close to her siblings and whole family and has been like that since then. Her name was inspired by the late Winnie Mandela who was the ex-wife to South Africa’s president, Nelson Mandela. The inspiration greatly inspired the path she chose to take career and life wise.

She was drawn to Winnie Mandela when her mother gave her the book titled “My Story” which helped her understand it better. This happened when she was about age 11 and built her self confidence and esteem.

Winnie Odinga Education

Winnie Odinga attended Rusinga School and later on went to Brookhouse High School. For her higher education, she went to the Drexel University in Philadelphia and got a degree in Political Science.


From an early age, Winnie started showing a lot of interest in Photography. This, however, is not the main thing she does. In an interview she revealed she works as her father’s security and secretary. She pretty much helps him around when needed.

Additionally, Winnie also works in the energy industry which is something she is highly passionate in. Her main focus is promoting renewable energy and also climatic changes among people.

Despite her previous opinions in politics and her wishes to not join politics, she has shown a lot of interest in the field. Although her career path is not fully known, she is expected to be active in the political world.

Winnie Odinga Marriage

Winnie Odinga is not married and she has claimed on several occasions that most men don’t meet the standard she is going for. Before the 2022 elections, however, she said she was planning to get married in the State House once her father became president. It unfortunately didn’t happen and its not known if she has other plans on doing so.

Recent Events and Politics

Following recent events, Winnie Odinga has sparked a lot of interest from the public. She has been trending and has expressed a lot of political views and her path going forward. Winnie was among the notable faces that greatly supported Raila Odinga in his political campaigns.

A lot of people always considered her to be Odinga’s successor in politics. She is currently awaiting nomination as the EALA lawmaker which will solidify her as a top political figure.

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