February 25, 2024

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With The Presidential Results Out, Was Raila Odinga Truly “Cursed” By His Father?

Former Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga’s political journey has been both a good and rocky one, more of rocky than easy. This has always posed a question, a rumor or myth that has been spread and believed over the years. Was Raila cursed by his late father to never be president? And if so why did his curse his own son to never get into power? This last election only fueled these rumors with people starting to actually believe its reality.

Oginga Odinga is a Kenyan veteran, one that would never be forgotten for his contribution to independence. Alongside many other heroes, he fought for the freedom of this country and made a lot of progress concerning law and governance concerning the country. It has been alleged that he was supposed to become the first Kenyan president in place of Jomo Kenyatta. He was allegedly betrayed by some political people including Kenyatta himself. So how did this “curse” happen?

Origin of the Raila Odinga Curse

Many stories have been told of how this curse came to be. It has been said that Oginga was curse first which made it a generational curse. Some say Raila did something which led to his father cursing him.

1.The generational curse

One of the stories that have been told is that Nabongo Mumia, the 17th king of Wanga Kingdom cursed Oginga Odinga. He allegedly told him that his family will only come close to the upper ranks of power, but will never possess it. Hence, Raila may be a victim of the generational curse and was not the direct receiver of this alleged bad luck. This story, however, has not been explained and may be just but another story someone made up, as it is not known why Nabongo would curse Oginga.

2.Cursed By His Father

The second story, which is the most popular one says that his father, Oginga Odinga, cursed him. It happened in a Stadium in 1962, when Raila disrupted a delegates conference. He was violent and crashed the meeting with a bunch of rowdy youth. Raila then proceeded to confront his father who commanded him to sit down.

He did not listen and the two of them argued for a while, silencing everyone in the meeting. Oginga Odinga then told him that he had struggled getting into power since Kenyatta and Moi reign and that he too will never get it. Unfortunately, his father passed away two years later and he did not erase the curse.

Raila has vied for five presidential terms, all of which he has lost. Some people believe that he actually won all of them, but the elections were rigged in favor of someone else. Which only solidifies these claims, was Odinga cursed by his father? Will he never attain power no matter how much he tries? Is the Raila Odinga curse real, or is it just another story to make up for his political loss?

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