July 26, 2021

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How To Increase Your Mpesa Fuliza Limit Instantly

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Making ends meet can be a little difficult, especially in this tough economic times. That is why many Kenyans were in awe when Safaricom introduced the fuliza service. Through this service, one can make MPESA transactions even when they have insufficient balance. Talk about coming through, a life saver for sure.

However, not all Kenyans are lucky. Some have a very low fuliza limit, as low as 0. In this article we shall show you an instant trick on how to increase your fuliza limit

how to increase your fuliza limit

How to Opt Into Fuliza

To opt into the service, a customer is required to dial *234# and then press send.

Next choose 0 and then option 1 to opt into the service. Choose 1 again to confirm the fuliza terms and conditions.

The service only applies to Safaricom subscribers.

How to Increase Your Fuliza Limit

To cheat the system, one has to make this risk

Opt out of the fuliza service, once you opt back into fuliza, most of the time, you will find that your limit has been increased.

This has been proven to work by a number of people. However, it is a risk because the limit can go back to zero.

The more organic way of growing your fuliza limit is paying your loan on time. This applies to your okoa, Mshwari and even the Fuliza loan. With time, you will realize that your fuliza loan limit has grown.

how to withdraw from fuliza

How to Withdraw money from Fuliza Mpesa

Fuliza service does NOT allow one to withdraw money. You can only pay bills with it.

However, the trick is to send the money to another Safaricom number and then you can withdraw from the other number.


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