January 31, 2023

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Here Is The Weird and Alleged Satanic App Scaring People

Randanautica, one of the most trending apps that has definitely caused a stir on the internet and social media. This has been the trend for so long and has left many chilled and creeped out. The app which was developed by Joshua Langfelder has led to many people finding some of the most disturbing things as well as creepy.  Randanautica generates four coordinates and brings out a location which the user is able to explore. The four points are believed to be high power points bring out something you are supposed to manifest before visiting the location.

Of the many explorers who have used the app, a particular incident brought it to the attention of many who have then proceeded to try out. Four teenagers who decided to use the app were taken to a random water body and stumbled upon two stuffed corpses in a suitcase.

This is not the only incident as many have reported stumbling upon paranormal and supernatural beings. Others have found weird ritual places while others have found weird people and almost got to their death. Some, however found some kind of truth or spiritual awakening they had manifested. These experiences which have been recorded are prompting more and more people to actually try it out.

The chilling experiences, however, have led to a lot of people avoiding the app. This is because it has creeped out some of those who tried it. These random videos have made the app very popular as the challenges are being recorded by more and more people.


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