January 31, 2023

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Meet The Woman Who Wants To Break The Record For World’s Tiniest Waist

Human beings sometimes do bizarre stuff and go way to far with achieving what they want. Some of these people  have found themselves in the world’s record books for their achievements while some have had quite a bad ending. Well, a woman who is currently  twenty-six years is trying to break the world record for the tiniest waist. The woman has gone to extreme measures to make sure she achieves her goal. She has done the impossible by wearing a tiny corset eighteen hours a day to shrink her waist.

Sammy in her current state

Sammy, which is her name, lives from Georgia and is a single mother. Her torso is at 21.5 inches and currently, she can fit into a 15-inch corset. She is, however, not pleased with her current measurement and wants to tone it down to 14 inches.

Different pictures of Sammy's current waist

In her own quoted words she said, “I want to have the smallest waist in the world. If I get down into fourteen inches, my waist will be roughly the same size as a new born baby’s head and one inch smaller than the current world record.”

The single mother Sammy in an interview

The single mother started training her waist back in April 2019. This was to enable her to get some curves to her frame after she had lost some weight. The current record holder for the world’s tiniest waist is Cathie Jung who is in the USA. Sammy is working so hard to ensure she takes that record away from Jung. This is something that has been received differently by so many people who reacted in different ways. She is , however, happy with how she is and she wishes to break that record.


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