April 13, 2024

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Top Five Worst Man Made Disasters in History

As the world yet experiences disasters and epidemics recently, it reminds people of the many man induced disasters that have gripped the world for years. This is not the first and neither will it be the last as humanity is continuing to deal with the effects of pandemics that took place decades ago, many of which are created by fellow men.

The Bhopal Gas Leak

This is considered one of the worst epidemics by man as the its impact is felt up to now by the residents and survivors. It took place in India, Bhopal where an American company opened up a pesticide plant for the residents with promise of development and jobs. This, however, did not come to be as the chemicals leaked at night in December 1984 when residents were sleeping. It caused so much pain to them and there was panic as people woke up to run away. Thousands died and it still affects new born children and many births.

The Minimata Poisonings

Residents in Japan were suddenly gripped by fear in April 1956 after people started convulsing and dying. The first cases were two girls who puzzled the doctors as they could not talk or move and were convulsing. This spread to many residents as many died and even animals. The cause was found to be a local factory that was releasing waste into the water used by residents despite knowing the harm. They caused a mercury poisoning.

Exxon Valdez Oil

It occurred in Alaska in 1989 and had the most effect on marine life. An Exxon Valdez tanker that was transporting oil plunged into a reef on March 24 after midnight. It spilled about 11M gallons of crude oil into the ocean and the recovery process was difficult.

The Deepwater Horizon

In April 2010, a blowout occurred at the Gulf of Mexico where a fireball erupted from the Deepwater. It then sank deep in the water and started releasing crude oil for 87 days straight. Despite the efforts to contain the oil, nothing worked and the explosion killed 11 crewmen on the spot as others died later on.

The Chernobyl Disaster

This is one of the most popular disasters that still causes birth mutations to children and cancer effects. It occurred in April 1986 in the Ukraine when a nuclear power plant exploded releasing radioactive substance into the atmosphere. A lot of people died that day and most of the survivors died gradually as months went by. It is now a ghosted town but some people still visit it most of them illegally since it is out of bounds.

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