December 7, 2023

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PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 08: Livia Nunes Marques seen wearing a white cropped shirt blouse, a beige braided wool cropped pullover from Miu Miu, a matching beige pleated / accordion belted short skirt from Miu Miu, a brown belt, a black micro bag from Miu Miu and fluffy white teddy boots, outside Miu Miu, outside Miu Miu, during Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear F/W 2022-2023, on March 08, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

Best Women Fashion Trends 2022

The Y2K fashion might have been the best thing to ever happen to fashion. With the early 2000s looks, there has been a revamped vintage style that is more stylish than anything we’ve had over the years. Adding a modern look to these early fashion looks has given us some trends and styles to look forward to in the next few years. Below are some of the best women fashion trends of 2022.

1. Mini Skirts

Mini skirts were a main signature look for the 2000s style. The minis are back in 2022 but with lots of different styles and twists to them. They are honestly pleasing to see and the fashion girlies are eating it up. Rihanna even popped up with a different style to her mini skirt during her pregnancy which just adds more spice to all of them.

2. Platforms

Honestly, platforms are the moment and the it girls just make them even more glorious. I have seen a lot of different types of platforms, from designer to other small brands and they are arguably some of the best shoes to ever exist. We can argue that platforms complement almost all outfits and it should be mandatory to own them.

3. Baggy Pants-Crop Top Combo

Although this style has been around for a while, it still as fashionable as it was years ago. The baggy pants crop top and sneaker combo will always be undefeated. It is especially common with the TikTok influencers and is becoming a much more common style.

4. Y2K

This is kind of a broad style because Y2K fashion has a lot of different styles and outfits. However, the Y2K style is one of the best trends to happen in years to be honest. The girls are giving us fashionable, classy and ratchet all in one and its iconic.

5. Cargo Skirts

Whether it’s the long or short cargo skirt, they both look gorgeous and give a unique style. Although they might not everyone’s cup of tea, cargo skirts are a nice and creative style. It caters to all dynamics of women and there’s nothing better than a style that everyone woman can feel confident in.

6. The Blazers

Blazers are back and not only in an official kind of way. There is the blazer club look, the street style looks and any kind of style imaginable. With some fish net stockings and a short blazer, you can look like a boss but also a classy feminine woman. I’ve seen this look a lot and even if people were skeptical at the beginning, this look just nails femininity and a bit of masculinity in one.

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