January 30, 2023

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William Ruto Biggest Scandals

The deputy president  William Ruto has been a very active and powerful politician in the country that is highly respected by many. He is also undoubtedly one of the richest and owns a vast amount of land. Latest news and political affiliations have seen people dig up past controversial stuff. A lot of hashtags have been run on twitter. Being a public figure, he has been dragged in a lot of scandals in the past which have never been proved.

The Alleged Sex Scandal

A while ago, claims emerged that the deputy president lures married women and breaks their marriage. In addition, it was alleged that he did these “acts” in a lodge identified as Bubba Lounge on the second floor of Weston Hotel.

The Kenya Pipeline Land Scandal

The Deputy president was faced with a fraud charge for allegedly collaborating with some people to illegally sell land to the Kenya Pipeline Company. The land which is said to be worth Ksh 272M was in Ngong Forest. He allegedly received interval money of Ksh 96M during the transactions. Ruto was suspended from the cabinet by the Kibaki government but was restored due to lack of evidence.

The Hustler Jet Scandal

A month after the Jubilee got into the government in May 2013, William was said to have hired a private jet worth Ksh 100M to go for a diplomatic meeting in West Africa. This highly costed the taxpayers around Ksh 21 Million for the accommodation, along with the eleven people he was travelling with. This matter was investigated but his name was cleaned and the report was thrown out by the parliament.

The Lang’ata Primary Land Grab

Ruto is among the people that were largely linked to this major scandal. It was claimed that some faceless developers wanted the land. This was in 2015 and he denied owning the expensive Weston Hotel which wanted to convert the land to a parking lot. It led to demonstrations by the students and other people. A lot of students were ruthlessly chased away sustaining injuries.

The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Scandal

A Nairobi businessman by the name Herbert Ojwang came forth and accused Ruto of this scandal. He claims he wanted to renovate and upgrade the hospital with a deal involving KES 28B. Ruto, however, ordered the building of a new hospital on another site which was way costlier than the other one. The deputy, however, said that he did that because it did not follow the guidelines and meet the requirements.

The Maize Scandal

The scandal took place in 2009 when he was still a minister of Agriculture during the Kibaki regime. In the audit presented, Ruto through her personal assistant in a letter asked the National Cereals and Produce to hand over 1000 bags of maize to some individuals. He was about to impeached but the speaker rejected the documents presented.  William blamed his political opponents for linking him to that to destroy him.


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