September 18, 2023

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Worst Fashion Trends of 2022

2022 has been quite the fashion year, with a lot of resurgence of the 2000s fashion with a little modern twist. As fashionably iconic as the year has been, there are quite a few trends that need to go. Creative or artistic pieces doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good. Neither is anything branded in label names from head to toe. Below are some of the worst fashion trends of 2022 that honestly, need to be buried and never revived again.

1. Body Suits/ Cat Suits

Although this trend started in mid-2021, it experienced a mainstream fashion surge in 2022. From celebrities to fashion influencers, the pieces honestly look hideous and do not scream fashion at all. Its okay for an IG girlie look but not for red carpets and an outside look. The worst of these pieces are the colorful pieces with lots of prints on them and I wish I would stop seeing the cat suits and body suits every time I open a social platform. It has been especially popularized by Kim Kardashian and other big celebrities which makes it even worse. Even if the trend does not die soon, it needs to get out of the red carpets and big events.

2. Cut Outs

This trend was cute at first but the cut outs have gotten more and more “horrible”. Although the fashion people think it’s a creative addition to dresses, its really not and some pieces do not need cut outs at all. Cut outs were cute for a Shein fashion girlie on TikTok and should not have gotten as big as they did.

3. Night Club Shiny Foil

This trend is exactly as the name suggests. Shiny diamond like look is great for a night club or an outing with the girls. As a fashion trend, they are a huge no. It is mostly attributed to the early 2000s since its part of the y2k fashion. Mild shiny is okay but I think we have gone a bit overboard with it.

4. Multi-Colors

We all love a pop of color, it’s a way to distinguish you from the crowd, I guess. But there has to be a limit for it don’t you think? Like most trends, it was a nice amazing outfit at first but it is now giving early Nickelodeon fashion. The multicolored tights and sweaters are not giving at all.

5. Head to Toe Designer Brand

Maybe its just me but I would hate to wear something with HUGE brand label names from head to toe. Some people may think it’s cute and wear all designer but its giving corny. It has become a trend from the huge labels to make huge writings on outfits to identify them but come on.

6. Metallic Outfits

I know you’ve seen it, all the it girls are wearing it. I honestly hate this trend more than anything. What I hate the most is that it has been introduced as the “it girl” fashion to the point of being considered a met gala worthy look. It has washed down and toned down what fashion is supposed to be and look like.


Honestly, there are so many trends we need to get rid of and fast. Fashion may be subjective but lets not wear hideous outfits in the name of creativity. Some of these trends may stick or people may realize how corny they were.

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