December 7, 2023

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Marketable C+ Eligible Courses in Kenya in 2023

Getting a good course with a C+ grade can be quite challenging, but there are a few good courses one can be eligible to with that grade. Below are a few marketable and great C+ courses as per 2023.

  1. Bachelor of Economics

This is one of the most popular and marketable courses in Kenya with the right exposure. To undertake an economics course you need the following;

  • A+ in one of the sciences i.e. Physics, Chemistry or Biology
  • C+ in either one of the languages, English or Kiswahili
  • C+ in a humanity or business subject
  • B- in mathematics

2. Bachelor of Business Information Communication and Technology

This is an important course that encompasses both business and technology with are both very important skills in the job market. It ensures one is both knowledgeable in IT which is undoubtedly a very important skill and also some parts of the marketing and business entity. Some of the requirements are;

  • C in Mathematics and English

3.Bachelor of Economics and Statistics

This course targets those who are extremely talented in Mathematics and can also include some parts of business in it. One is required to have;

  • A minimum of B- in Mathematics or Business subjects

4.Diploma in Architecture

Although getting an architecture degree is hard with a C+ grade, you can branch into a diploma course which is just as important as a degree. This can help you branch into the real estate world or general engineering. Some of the requirements include;

  • C+ in TUK 
  • In JKUAT, a minimum of C+ in Maths and Physics
  • C+ in any humanity subject i.e. History, Geography, CRE

5. Bachelor of Commerce

This course is extremely marketable in the right entities and is definitely a career booster. Candidates are required to have;

  • Minimum of C+ general grade
  • C in English and Mathematics subjects

6.Bachelor of Education

This career is definitely one of the most popular ones and is very underestimated. Education offers job security and full time employment with other additional benefits. The course has the following requirements;

  • A minimum of C+ in the career teacher subject

7. Bachelor in Community Development

This course offers employment in sectors like NGOs and other organizations which pay well and offer good working environments. The requirements include;

  • C+ general grade in KSCE
  • C plain in Mathematics

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