January 31, 2023

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Protests In Kahawa West As Police Kill Yet Another Person

Police brutality and violence has ensued in Kahawa West where one person has been killed. This marks one of the many incidents where police have used a lot of force leading to death of some people. This comes weeks after the murder of the Kianjakoma brothers and many more who died in the hands of the police. The violence broke out during demonstrations by traders who didn’t want their stalls demolished by the county government.

After the demonstrations started turning violent, the police fired in the air to disperse the traders. Angry youths have taken to the streets protesting. They are carrying the dead body alleged to be have been murdered by the officers and are not backing down.

From the information given by one of the residents in Kahawa West, it was confirmed that the stalls were brought down in the middle of the night to pave way for the planned road expansion. The youths took to the streets burning tires and barricading roads paralyzing transport in the area. The police were then forced to restore peace according to Kasarani OCPD Peter Mwanzo.

Angry citizens are now calling for justice on social media following the events. Similar incidents were reported not so long ago in Kayole where a lot of people were injured.

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