January 31, 2023

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The Nabongo Line of Great Leaders in The Wanga Kingdom

The Wanga kingdom is one of the most legendary kingdoms which has preserved the history of its people and leaders. Many tales have been told about them, with a particular interest in their culture and leadership. Since the death of Nabongo Wamukoya, other leaderstook over the leadership of the Wanga kingdom. Some of thes leaders who include:

Nabongo Shiundu

He inherited the leadership from his father Nabongo Wamukoya in 1850s when the Arabs arrived in Buluhya land. Further along the line, the Eshimuli, Nabongo Kweyu paved way for his son, Nabongo Sakwa.  Nabongo Sakwa’s enemies were Abanyala and Ababukusu who constaltly clashed over grazing land. During the reign of Nabongo Kweyu, Wanga Mukulu was forbidden from extending his authority over Abanyala and Abatsotso allies. Thus, Nabongo Sakwa fled to seek refuge in Kabras from where he was to be bailed by the Abarama.

Nabongo Mumia Shiundu

Nabongo Mumia Shiundu was born in 1849. He was the seventeenth Nabongo and the paramount chief of expansive region of Kenya. This was at beginning of British imposition of colonial rule in East Africa. Mumia was the most powerful and well known ruler of the Wanga kingdom. His rule was heavily influenced by Arab and Swahili slave traders.

The conflict with the neighboring Luo people escalated after the completion of the Uganda railway by the British colonizers. This conflict led Nabongo Mumia to collaborate with the British who made him paramount chief. He the head with various chiefs reporting to him such as chief Chabasinga, Lenan Tenai and chief Odero Akang’o. In 1926, he was forced to retire by the British colonial government because he refused to take a 250 shillings monthly pension he was offered as compensation by the british. The colonial leaders threatened to arrest him. He died in 1949 where he was succeeded by his son Nabongo Shitawa.

Peter Mumia

He is the current Wanga monarch. Peter was born on 14th September 1952. . He grew up as a prince who went to school in shoes and when he was big enough he rode a bicycle to school. Mumia was installed as king of Wanga at the age of 22 years following the death of his father Nabongo Shitawa. He undertook modern education and looked for employment immediately after coronation instead of going for standard leadership.

Wanga kingdom

Leadership Of The Wanga Kingdom

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