January 31, 2023

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Top 5 PR Agencies in Kenya You Need to Know About

For anyone who wants to start a company or just simply grow a personal brand, it is important to grasp the media marketing part. It is easier for some people to just manage their own affairs including social media presence and reputation and general brand awareness. Although this can be a great way, hiring a professional PR agency to work on this cannot only provide amazing results but also take the load off your hands to focus on other things.

There are a ton of Kenyan PR agencies listed online, some of which can be pretty misleading. Choosing the best one can be hard, especially if you are serious about your media presence and reputation. Here are a few Kenyan PR agencies you need to check out.

1.AM Communications

AM communications is considered a small company but they handle marketing for some of the big Kenyan brands. They have worked with the likes of Old Mutual, LG and Microsoft Africa, which are by no means small companies. Their company consists of a dedicated team which has done some amazing work in the PR world.

2.Engage BCW

Engage BCW mostly handles a lot of business and corporate entities. Some of their main responsibilities include; Public Affairs and Government, Financial PR, Corporate image building, Social responsibility, Communication Outreach and internal communications. They have handled some notable brands outside the country as well

3.H&K Strategies

This company not only have markets in the country but also over 80 offices in the global market. Although they are not a very popular brand, they have done some amazing work. They use communication strategy in their marketing work.

4.Ogilvy Africa

Ogilvy Africa is an established company that is established in approximately 169 cities in the world. They have done notable work in Kenya with some of the top companies in the world.

5.Apex Porter Novelli

Although this company is still growing, their reviews on their work have been great and they’ve done amazing work. They have handled some big companies in banking and telecommunication.

PR management work may look like easy work but it is not. Establishing a good brand and reputation online takes a lot of work and effort. Hiring an agency to do all this work for you is a good move and you might just permanently establish your presence in the market.

Credit:  Juma On Twitter

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