January 30, 2023

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Amazingly Strange Places In Africa

Nature always has a way of showing things in the most magnificent way. There are so many amazing things with or without an explanation that are tourist destinations. Some of these places are strange but in a great way. African countries in particular, have some of the most magnificent sites. Below are some of the strangest places in Africa.

1.The Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel, Mauritius

This is one of the greatest volcano mysteries that is yet to be solved. It is located in the south-western cape of Mauritius. This destination has become a favorite of many tourists and is bordered by an 83-metre-high waterfall. For this reason, it gives a magnificent view of the place in a colorful way. It came as a result of a volcano eruption which formed seven colors that fuse beautifully together.

2.Lake Natron, Tanzania

It is said that this lake is very dangerous and deadly that it turns animals into stone. This lake is one of the two alkaline lakes in East Africa, one of which is Lake Bahi. Both of these lakes do not have outlets and do not drain into any lake or sea. They are, however, fed by hot springs and rivers. The alleged claims of turning into stone aren’t confirmed. Some say it fully supports the natural ecosystem including birds and flamingos.

3.The Giant Blue Eye of Africa, Mauritania

This site is located in Western Sahara Desert in Mauritania. It can also be referred to as The Eye of Sahara and is estimated to be about 100 years old. The Blue Eye is a circle which has many beliefs on how it was formed. Some say it was caused by an asteroid impact while some claim it as a volcanic eruption or erosion. The religious people claim that it was created by God during the times of Noah.

4.The Mashes of Deadvlei, Namibia

These exist in Namibia. They consist of skeletons of trees that have not had water in 900 years. The trees died because the sand dunes blocked the flooded water in Tsauchab River. They, however, have not decomposed nor completely dried up and give such a gorgeous view. They give off a pool like view surrounding the trees even though there in unavailability of water.

5.The Abandoned Outdoor Movie Theatre

This was a project that was formed by a French man and his friends. They wanted to build something extraordinary in the desert. The local residents, however, were not impressed and decided to sabotage it. The aftermath made the place look like the opening of a movie theatre abandoned outdoors.

6.The Church of St George, Ethiopia

This church was created by someone named Lalibela who was a devout Christian. He wanted to recreate Jerusalem in his home country since the Muslims had stopped pilgrimages to the holy land. Lalibela constructed using chiseled slabs of rock. He carved the stone church with windows and other features. Thousands of Christians flock the place to express their Christian faith.

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