September 19, 2023

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Blow To Parents As Government Declares KSh300,000 Fine For Failing To Register Kids With Phones

The government has issued a very strict warning to parents today concerning their children. The communication Authority of Kenya has issued new guidelines where parents must register their kids using phones. If the parents do not comply to this, they will be fined KSh300,000 for this. This has come as a huge blow to many parents who claim they don’t even know if these kids have smartphones.

The kenyan government is claiming trying to protect kids against cyber insecurities such as hate speech and explicit content. Additionally, telecommunication companies as well as internet providers will have to verify the age of users. In case the parents fail to pay the fine they will be jailed for six months. Netizens have now reacted to this with many not happy with this decision. Majority have claimed the government has no basis for this argument and is only putting up restrictions for no reason.

It is practically impossible to prevent minors from using phones in this new era. Everyone is moving up technologically hence a lot of changes. This issue by the GOK is one of the many laws that have been brought up in many countries in an effort to protect kids online.

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