January 31, 2023

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Check Out Who Invented Condoms and Their Evolution

The need for protection against diseases caused by sexual intercourse has been a major priority to people all over the world. Unwanted pregnancies are also one of the things both the government and individuals are intent on preventing unless planned. This has been made much easier especially after the invention of condoms which has been one of the most significant inventions that has prevented a lot of diseases as well as a lot of rapid population growth.

Invention Of Condoms

The biggest invention in condom contraception was made by Charles Goodyear in 1839. This was when the introduction of the rubber and linen condoms were invented and supplied in large scale especially in England. Much of the lower class people could not afford it until the 20th century when it was made easier to access them.

It might surprise you to know that before that other things which were known as condoms were used. This were bladders and intestines from animals were used. This was first in the 3000BC and was used by King Minos of Crete. He is a historic figure in history and his father was believed to contain serpents and scorpions in his semen. This is after his mistress died after he had had intercourse with her.

Early Use of Condoms

He resorted to using goat bladder to protect other people and his wife from dying. He was sad that he could not produce an heir due to the protection but he is said to have produced eight kids even after using it. The other recording of the condom was made in Egypt where they also used sheaths from animals.

Equally, the romans used the intestines and bladders from animals. The Djukas form Guinea are the first to use contraception from plants. They made it six inches long and was chalice shaped. The Chines came up with condoms made from silk papers. This was a little bit effective and the Japanese used shells form tortoise together with leather.

During the war, a lot of STIs was spread hence the sheaths were spread to many soldiers to ensure safety. It wasn’t until the 20th century that latex was introduced and has been the method used by many and is highly effective.


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