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requirements for teacher courses in kenya

Current Minimum Requirements for Teacher Training Courses in Kenya

The education ministry in Kenya is one of the most sensitive and strict ministries in terms of qualifications. This means that one has to meet the minimum qualifications set in order to study and even qualify to work as a teacher in Kenya. Various accredited universities offer Courses in Education for prospective students who want to be teachers. It is important that one checks if they meet the requirements for Teacher Training Courses before enrolling.

Below are the minimum requirements for teacher training courses which are approved by the Teacher Service Commission (TSC)

requirements for teacher courses in kenya

To pursue Diploma in Primary Education

Mean grade required: C

Mathematics: C

English: C

KIswahili : C

Any humanity: C

Any science : C

To Pursue a Diploma in Secondary Education

Mean grade: C+

Attain a C+ in two teaching subjects

Mathematics: D+ those taking Arts and C for those taking sciences

English : C

To Pursue a Degree in Secondary Option (Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts)

Mean grade: C+

C+ in two teaching subjects

Mathematics : D+ for those taking arts and C for sciences

English: C

Please note that failing to meet these requirements for teacher training courses can bar one from getting a teaching job with TSC. The requirements are  often reviewed and updated. Check the TSC website (www.tsc.go.ke) to learn more and stay updated.

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