March 22, 2023

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Omondi Timon

Remember Omondi Timon? Here is What He Scored in KCSE

Early 2022, a video of a High School teacher disciplining his male student went viral on social media. In the video, the student identified as Omondi Timon, could be seen being flogged by the angry teacher. He is heard questioning the lying habits of the student. Reports indicated that Timon had lied to the school cook that he was urgently needed by the deputy head.

Omondi Timon

After the school cook had left, Timon and his gang of three students broke into the kitchen and stole more than 65 loaves of bread. When the video went viral, it elicited many reactions with many finding it hilarious. Others agreed that they experienced the same when they were still in High School.

Verified reports now reveal that Omondi Timon scored a B+ in the recently released KCSE results. He attained the grade from St.Joseph’s School Rapogi which is located in Migori County. The school had a mean score of 8.498 with 10 As, 45 A-, 88B+, 111 B, 100 B-, 81 C+, 35 C, 19 C- and 2D+

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