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Lawyer Cliff Ombeta Biography, Age, Education, Family, Career, Net Worth and More

Cliff Marube Ombeta is a Kenyan criminal lawyer who represents the high class rich people in the most controversial cases. He mostly defends people in high profile cases involving horrible crimes and is one of the richest people in the country.


He was born on 29th July in Western region where he was also raised.

Family and Background

Cliff is of the Kisii tribe and has a sister by the name Nyakerario Mayaka. She is the only known family of Cliff apart from his uncle who was a policeman and in his childhood, he wanted to follow the same career path before shifting to law.

Cliff Ombeta Education

Marube attended Jamhuri High School as his first secondary school before being expelled in form one due to disciplinary issues. He says that he could not allow a teacher to punish him or without strong evidence to back his claims. He joined Highway High School in form two and was also expelled of the same. Cliff Ombeta then moved to Friends School Kamusinga where he was suspended several times before completing his high school education at Koilel Secondary School. He went to the University of Nairobi to study law before joining Kenya School of Law to finish his learning.

Cliff Ombeta Career

His interest in criminal law sparked after reading ‘Rage of Angles’ by Sidney Sheldon which inspired him to become a criminal lawyer. He started officially working in 1995 after graduating. Since he began practicing, he has become one of the top lawyers in the country defending criminals who are on the guilty side. He says that he does not act using emotions or opinions and cannot represent cases involving sexual assault and rape. Ombeta has his own criminal firm named Ombeta and Associates Law firm where he is the Managing Director.

Cliff Ombeta defended the Akash Brothers who were allegedly trafficking cocaine worth KES 6.4B but they were later sentenced in the US. His top case that brought a lot of publicity was when he defended Okoth Obado when he was facing murder charges. He also represented Miguna Miguna and Fred Waititu. His recent case was when he represented MP Babu Owino over shooting DJ Evolve. The case is yet to be brought to justice even with evidence. He rarely loses a case and many claim he just loves the camera. the LSK sometime back said he was not licensed but it was all cleared up.

Marriage and Kids

Cliff was married but they divorced with his wife to what he referred to as ‘Irreconcilable differences’. He co-parents with her since they have a daughter and two boys. He has said that he will never be attached to any woman again.

Net Worth

Ombeta is undoubtedly one of the richest people in Kenya due to the fact that he represents rich people and high profile politicians. He owns four types of Mercedes Benz and has suits that cost over KES 500,000. The lawyer says his cheapest suit costs KES 170,000 and he cannot buy a suit worth 30,000. He is estimated to be worth KES 500 Million.,the%20Kenya%20School%20of%20Law.

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