December 7, 2023

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Stylish Pregnant Women Fashion You Should Check Out

There is a common misconception that pregnant women cannot be stylish or sexy. In most cases, they are tied to one particular style mostly because they feel the need to cover up. For years and even decades that is the style a lot of women have stuck to, even though it is still okay to look good in your pregnancy period.

Being pregnant shouldn’t be a hindrance to your personal style and creativity. If there is one thing Rihanna has shown us is that being pregnant should not stop you from living out your fashion girl fantasies. You can absolutely rock any style and even better, explore other styles creatively and find what works for you.

Pregnant Women Fashion Inspo You Can Try Out

1. The Street Fashion

One thing about street fashion is its fluid and anyone can customize it to their own liking. There are some creative ways to expose your belly or cover it depending on how you feel. You can try a long stretcher bodycon dress with an extra puffy jacket and some high boots. This style can perfectly fit whoever wants to cover up their belly or just not expose too much. You can top of this look with a beanie of your choice and trust me that will still bring out a younger stylish version of you.

If you want to still show some skin its okay to wear your crop top, although you might need a bigger size. You can top this off with some baggy pants or sweat pants with some sneakers and you’ll still look good. It is impossible to exhaust all street style fashion types but those are just inspirations to steer you in the right direction.

2. Still Sexy Look

You can also decide to go the Rihanna way and do sexy maternity look to show you still go it, which you do. Don’t be scared to wear you tight dresses or see-through clothes and let that pregnancy glow radiate all through. Wear your mini skirts and bra tops and show your goddess body.

3. Spiritual Classy Woman

This style has a little twist to the traditional pregnant women fashion. There are different clothes you can try out including cargo skirts, other long length skirts, sundresses etc. This style is usually as simple as it gets and is extremely minimalistic. Go for some mild colors and top it off with some flat shoes.

4. Powerful Businesswoman

Being pregnant shouldn’t stop your bag at all, literally and figuratively. You can still hit your office looks and some suits with some adjustments. Office looks aren’t just about some pants and coat. There are several ways to still look business like.

Trench coats are a must have to serve you in majority of your looks. Don’t forget you can still wear some heels here and there with some shades or glasses to complete your look. Try skirts, long dresses, Ankara designs and a lot more. You will still look office like and powerful too.

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