February 25, 2024

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The New Wave of “Horrible” World Cup Songs

Let’s be honest, majority of the new world cup songs are horrible. I’m not just talking about this year’s world cup, its all the previous years since the 2013 world cup. Whether it’s the artists or the lack of creativity in the music, we really can’t tell. When expecting a world song, we need vibes, something to dance to and celebrate when our teams win. We need something to bring forth the hype, something the audience can chant to when cheering.

This explains the popularity of the Waka Waka song, and why Shakira got the immense support that she did. It also explains why most popular people, especially the football fans refuse to let go of the song. Each year, the bar for the world cup is lowered and it sounds horrible every time. Maybe its intentional or not, but if you are tasked with releasing the official world cup song, why are not giving the people what they want? Where’s the dance, the beats, something that will be remembered forever?

The 2022 World Cup

While I’m sure they meant well in this year’s world cup, that intention was not portrayed in the songs that were released. There have been several songs that were released to represent this year’s world cup in Qatar. It’s a chance for a country to showcase culture and bring that vibe in the song. Since Qatar is an Arabian country, it was a chance to bring the Arabian culture to the people.

While there was an attempt to bring this in the Tukoh Taka song, it does not say nor scream world cup at all. The artists did their thing but the different language and artistry did not blend in as expected. It is not a song that can be played and celebrated at matches. The thoughts were okay but the implementation was a bit off.

The only song that was released this year that was at least better was the Dreamers song. It is inspiring and motivating but it could have also done better. The songs released do not memorability and will not stick long after the world cup is gone. Who will remember any of these songs in the years to come?

Where’s the iconic songs that will be chanted even by people outside of the football industry? It is safe to say this year has the worst world cup songs and the decline might continue to other years. Isn’t it the time to maybe make good world cup music again?


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