June 17, 2021

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Akothee crying

Akothee Cries on Camera After Family Accuse Her of Joining Illuminati

Popular musician and entrepreneur Akothee has taken to social media to express her disappointment in her family. In a series of posts from from last night, Akothee expressed how hurt she was that her own family believed she was in the illuminati. The self proclaimed president of single mothers even recorded a video of her crying. In the video, she can be seen being very emotional and overwhelmed by what has been happening. She captioned the video

Akothee crying

“I wanted to say something but emotions keep stealing the show. The villagers are winning. Allow me to deal with these emotions from Esther Akoth Kokeyo. It is okay to allow your children see you cry. Madamboss will address the Nation later.” In another part of the same caption, Akothee asked people not to call her as she claimed she was fine.

Family Drama

In posts shared by Akothee, She shared how she was sad that people she calls family regard her as an Illuminati. She also went on further to narrate how her relatives believe she killed her own sister in law. In the post she expressed disappointment in the people from Anyuola.

Akothee crying

“I just grew up with you guys, some have even seen my journey and today, nobody appreciates it!” read part of her caption.

In another different post, Madam Akothee listed all the things her family has failed her in and blasted them. Some of the things she ranted about include the fact that their children insult her yet brag with her name and how her mother was never going to beg them to bury her since she had already built a home in a different place.

Akothee House

It is to be noted that this is not the first time Akothee has blasted her family for being hypocrites. In posts shared in the past, Akothee has always expressed how her relatives do not like her and always say bad things about her. They still look for her when they need financial help.

However she has always stood strong and overcome everything.

Akothee ‘s post:Instagram

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