January 31, 2023

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how to style box braids

How to Easily Style Box Braids- Black Girl Magic

Box braids happen to be the best protective style for absolutely any kind of weather. Although the installation time may be a little lengthy, it goes without saying that they are worth a little strain. You may have seen Rihanna rock this look on numerous occasions, the most recent being at the Fenty Fashion Launch, where she stunned red, waist-length box braids.

After installation, there comes the question on ways you can style your braids. No need to sweat it sis, I got you covered!

The Half up Half down Style

This is tasteful look that gives you a vibrant appearance. It’s been in style for a while but still has this special vibe to it!! You can make a bun at the top or leave it all flowing.

how to style box braids

High Pony Tail

If you just need some hair off your face or need a perfect look for a glam party, then this style will do just the trick!! Ensure you lay the edges perfectly to give the look a clean finish.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are perfect if you’re looking to bring an exquisite and African vibe to your box braids. This is a way of bringing some interesting uniqueness to your braids.

Boxbraids styles

How to Style Box Braids For Anything

Pussy Cat Style

Wait, before you make too quick a judgment, this style is not just for kids! Well it was, but not anymore. This style can give your box braids a nostalgic and refreshing look!

Side braided/ Chic side bun

Are you looking forward to attending a Gala or wedding this season, this style is perfect for just that!

The Turban/ Head wrap look

There are many different head wrap styles you can check out and try for your braids. They are timeless and very stylish currently.

how to style box braids

Add some Color/Butterfly Clips

One of the benefits of having box braids is the ability to experiment with different colors and styles. Colors have the ability to spice up your whole look!!

how to style box braids

The braided Mohawk Bun

This is an edgy and very stylish look which can bring out the rock chic from within you!

The French Braid Box Braids

This is a creative style in which you braid your already installed box braids into a French braid style. It is unique at the same time elegant. You can rock this to the office too!


This may have a few similarities with the turban look but still very different and stylish in its own way. You can play with different styles of the same to achieve a desired look.

how to style box braids easily diy

Check out Pinterest for more inspiration on how to style box braids

Have fun rocking your braids in any and all the styles that have interested you!! Get heads turning (See what I did there?)

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