January 31, 2023

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Meet the Most learned footballers

Robert Lewandowski.

The top German and Bayern Munich stricker has recently graduated with a distinction of Masters degree and Sports science.

This is just three years after he completed his undergraduate degree in 2017.

In between his education period, he was involved with a number of activities in and out of the pitch and this shows how the top player is focused and hardworking.

Juan Mata

During his time in Valencia and Chelsea, the top midfielder earned himself two degrees from Madrid’s Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, the first degree in Marketing and the second one in Sports science.

Keeping in mind that during those years, the player was in the peek of his career. He has a strong passion for coaching and he even says that after his retirement he will venture into coaching but he still has interest in psychology.

Vincent Kompany

The top former Manchester City full back and captain has also emerged as one of the top educated players in history.

He has a Master’s in Business Administration from Alliance Manchester Business School where he graduated in 2017. However much he has a big interest in pitch and off pitch activities, he has still managed to secure a managerial role in Anderlecht.

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